Bookkeepers - Offer Business Valuation services to your clients | Bookvalu
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Leverage the skills you already have

We know that you want to offer your Bookkeeping clients more, but don’t know where to start or have the time to learn something new.

With Bookvalu you can offer your clients professional financial services like financial forecasting, financial analysis, and business valuation all using your existing skills.

Bookvalu empowers Bookkeepers to:

Offer your Clients More

Bookvalu gives your firm the ability to provide valuable services to your clients like financial forecasting, analysis, and business valuation using your clients existing QuickBooks Online account.

Stand out from the Competition

Don’t be part of the crowd. Stand out from your competition by deploying Bookvalu and give your clients a valuable service.

Earn More Money

You’ve worked hard and built your business but want to earn more. By seeling Bookvalu as a value-added service to your clients you can make more money.

No Credit Card Required

Offer Valuable Services

We know the competition is tough as a Bookkeeper and you need to stand out to get ahead. With Bookvalu you can offer services like financial forecasting, analysis, and business valuation using the skills you already have. Simply connect your Bookkeeping client’s existing QuickBooks Online account and Bookvalu will do the rest.

More than a bookkeeper
Grow your Bookkeeper business

Grow your Firm

By providing your Bookkeeping clients with an unexpected, professional and valuable service, you will stand out from your competition and grow your Bookkeeping business. Potential clients will be attracted to the variety of services you offer and your existing clients will find the value that they could not get anywhere else.

Earn more Money

While not guaranteed, leveraging Bookvalu as a Bookkeeper to give your clients value-added services that they can’t get from other firms will likely increase your Revenue in the long run. By providing value that your Bookkeeping clients are will to pay an additional fee for, you in-turn will increase your value and earn more.

Earn more money as a Bookkeeper
how to be a bookkeeper

Learn More

We built Bookvalu to be intuitive and easy to learn for all Bookkeepers. You will be up and running in minutes ready to give your clients actionable financial insight. While providing your Bookkeeping clients additional value, you will be learning through our built-in Knowledge Base.


Bookvalu is packed with features to provide your Bookkeeping clients with a valuable and unique service offering. 

Connect QuickBooks Online

We’ve made it easy to use your client’s existing QuickBooks Online account to gain insight into their future financial performance.

Full Financial Statements

Gain insight into your client’s Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement for the past, present, and future.

Financial Forecasting

Gain visibility into your client company’s potential future financial performance by automatically generated 5-year QBO forecasts.

Ratio Analysis

Analyze your client’s finances with our full suite of financial ratios including Liquidity, Profitability and Leverage ratios.

Online Business Valuation

Get a range of your client company’s value using best practice business valuation methodologies. Keep track of how the value of the business changes over time with historical trending.

Financial Report

Generate a well-designed and professionally curated financial report with the click of a button that you can share with your client – yes, one button.