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Introducing Three New Features

Introducing Three New Features

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Today we are pleased to announce three significant updates to Bookvalu.

The first enhances the accuracy of our financial forecasts. The second reduces the data requirement from 3 years to 6 months which means that newer companies will now have access to forecasted financials. The third is the addition of the monthly view to give you a more detailed look at your company’s forecasted financials.

Update #1: Enhanced Forecasting Algorithm

We developed Bookvalu for the simple reason of providing powerful financial tools to Small Businesses like yours. The enhanced forecasting algorithm we are rolling out today to our Beta users allows us to continue to work towards achieving that goal.

The forecasting algorithm update allows us to calculate the forecasted financial data at a detailed level. This granularity increases the overall accuracy of our forecasts.

This additional accuracy helps you as the user have more confidence in the insight Bookvalu provides. Whether you are using Bookvalu to budget or to gain insight into the future financial performance we’ve got you covered.


Update #2: Reduced data requirement

We want all companies to be able to use Bookvalu regardless of the how long they have been in business. With that in mind, we have reduced the data requirement from 3 years to 6 months which means that newer companies will now have access to forecasted financials.


Update #3: Months

One of the more requested features from our users was the ability to view financial data at a monthly level. Today we will be releasing that feature to our Beta users.

Each of the three financial statements including the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement will give you the ability to toggle between an annual and monthly view of your data. This will enable you to drill a bit deeper as well as see trends up close.


As the Beta period continues and we head towards a wider release, we will continue to add features. If there is a particular feature that you are interested in seeing us develop let us know by adding it to our Feature Request forum.

Thank you for your continued support as we work on building Bookvalu into the go-to financial visibility and insight application for Small Business. As always, we love hearing your feedback, so please continue to send it our way.


Sean & Bjorn
Bookvalu Co-founders



Bookvalu is QuickBooks Forecasting, Ratio Analysis, and Valuation software that provides financial visibility and insight for your Small Business.

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