Small Business Valuation and Financial Forecasting Software | Bookvalu
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Start with Bookvalu

We know you have limited resources and want to know the value of your business without a high cost or steep learning curve.

Bookvalu is the all-in-one software for business valuation, financial forecasting and much more.

Powerful Features for All

At Bookvalu we believe that every business regardless of its size should have access to powerful financial tools. That’s why we’ve made it easy to create accurate financial forecasts, conduct financial ratio analysis and value your business.

No Credit Card Required

Connects to QuickBooks Online

We’ve made it easy to gain financial insight and visibility using your existing Small Business Accounting Software. Seamlessly connect your QuickBooks Online account once and your all set! Bookvalu will automatically create full financial forecasts, ratio analysis, and value your business. 

Financial Forecasting Software

Gain visibility into your businesses finances by looking at the past, the present, and the future with our automated Financial Forecasting software. We’ve made it easy to sync your existing QuickBooks Online account to seamlessly create 5-year financial forecasts. Financial Forecasting has never been easier.

Financial Ratio Analysis

We take Financial Forecasting one-step further with automatic financial analysis. Analyze your Small Business finances with our full suite of financial ratios including Liquidity, Profitability and Leverage ratios. Each financial ratio is compared to an Industry benchmark so you can quickly assess your company’s relative financial performance.

Small Business Financial Insight

Financial Insights

Bookvalu allows you to Dig a bit deeper into your Small Business financials with our built-in Insights. Each Insight is designed to provide additional detail to help you assess the financial performance of your Small Business in context. Our financial insights allow you to take action on the information our Financial Forecasting software provides.

Financial Report

With the click of one button, you can generate a well-designed and professionally curated financial report. Use the Bookvalu financial report to secure a loan for your Small Business, for investor updates or just to keep tabs on your financial performance. Create a new report at any time on-demand when you need one.

Business Valuation Software

We’ve made it easy and cost-effective to value your Small Business Our automated Online Business Valuation software allows you to see a range of your company’s value using best practice valuation methodologies. Keep track of how the valuation of your Small Business changes over time with historical trending.

Knowledge Base

Use Bookvalu to learn while you gain financial insight. We’ve included easy to understand explanations and detailed methodologies for each financial component of the application. The Knowledge Base is also your guide to learning the key Finance topics applicable to all Small Businesses.